Lila Polenaki

Lila Polenaki


At her current solo show Lila Polenaki presents a series of 6 paintings in 2 x 160cm size of mixed media on a canvas.

The materials she is using go beyond oil, fabric, lace and carbon to the use of papers of different quality and transparency.Laces, papers distorted in time or marked from the human intervention are all incorporated in her work and become part of a painting process in which the material imitates painting but also painting imitates the material.

The painter makes use of various materials that refer mostly to the underlying language of the artistic process while the rough texture of the material itself restores for the lost contact with the world.
In contrast with her previous work, Polenaki in her new work employs vibrant colors such as green and red creating monochromic artworks of smooth color transitions.

Lila Polenaki studied in Berlin with the professor Bernd Koberling.Her work has been presented in group exhibitions in Kutscherhaus (Berlin), in the Center Crac Alsace (Stransbourg), in the Art Fair (Berlin).