Lina Bertucci

Lina Bertucci


Eleni Koroneou Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of the photographer Lina Bertucci.

Lina Bertucci’s new photographic works and video installation ‘ Ellipsis’ explores the archetype of a gesture, reflecting the state of tension in four different couples. Actors were cast, framing the moment where the tension constantly shifts from tender to control. Without sound and without words, an emotional storm rages with no clear conclusion. The four monitors are illuminated in the dark space each reflecting a different aspect of the same concept.

Ellipsis is the omission of words.... necessary to complete a sentence or thought. Ellipsis is also an important formal property especially in the development modernist plots. Ellipsis is not the omission of events but of their mentions, thus in these 2-minute cinematic loops it is a matter of narrative fragmentation, not of narrative story, the missing events remain necessarily implied.

The brief isolated gesture uses the form of ellipsis as a devise for rendering both the fragility of human emotion and impossibility of accounting for them in any definitive way.