Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth


Eleni Koroneou Gallery is pleased to present the work of the Swiss artist Dieter Roth in a solo exhibition for the first time in Athens.

Dieter Roth is considered to be one of the most important artists of Switzerland. He was born in Hanover in 1930 and in 1943 he moved with his family to Switzerland. He studied in 1950 Graphic at the studio of Friedrich Wultrich in Bern and at the same time Lithography with Professor Euger Jordi.

The work of Dieter Roth is very multiform. Apart of being an artist he was a sculptor, a musician, a poet, he was doing drawings and graphics, he was publishing books and he was doing video installations as well. During his whole career as an artist he was trying to connect all these different arts.

The art of Dieter Roth doesn’t include formalisms and the language of its pictures doesn’t make any compromises. The use of preexisting and organic materials plays a major role in his work: canvases painted with cheese, drawings made by mashed bananas or chocolates, small glass vases filled with layers of spices. Using all these kind of materials the artist creates his personal language and his own world of pictures. Dieter Roth discovered in the alteration of all these materials a new way of representing landscapes and nature. He is not interested for the beauty and the perfection in art and he refuses any aesthetic.

The present exhibition will show some graphics and drawings of Dieter Roth in collaboration with Arnulf Rainer, and a chocolate box with the title “Grosses Taschenzimmer”, three books published by him with the titles “Bata/Dogs”, “scheisse Buecher”, “Frische Scheisse”. The artist has produced from 1947 until 1998 528 graphics, like lithographs, copper engravings, wood engravings etc. In this part of his work he is using food materials like chocolate and cheese. Many graphics are supposed to be unique, as long as other materials are included in the printing.